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Pulse Performance is taking your fit journey to new heights with technology-enhanced workouts that are fast, convenient, and impactful. Using an EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) suit, all layers of your muscles are targeted to build and restore lean muscle mass and burn fat 10x faster.

Change your life and maximize results with a one-of-a-kind 20-minute workout. Build a custom program that suits your personal goals with an EMS Specialist. Each session starts with a 5-minute pre-workout stretch, then 20-minutes in the EMS suit where your body experiences 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout, followed by a post-workout stretch to keep you flexible. Our plans can also include BMI analysis, nutritional guidance, and access to our state-of-the-art infrared saunas.


3D Body Scan:

PULSE Performance is the fitness solution you have been waiting for. 10x the workout in 20-minutes, designed to elevate your lifestyle. 


“I love this place, the coaches have a great attitude and motivated you to push yourself in order help you meet any goals that you may have set for yourself. May it be strong or just wanted to get into shape. The atmosphere is awesome and you will meet a lot of interesting people.”


“Motivating, fun, and super clean environment with work outs for all ages and ranges! The coaches provide individualized attention to each person which helps you feel supported and confident."


“Top class quality professional gym and working out atmosphere. Everyone here is welcoming and supportive!!!! "


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The Innovation of Fitness Starts Here.

Get Suited. Get Stronger. Get Going. 

Discover your body’s unique composition and find out what strategy works best for YOU. Our EMS Specialists are with you at every step to help you stay on-goal and on-target. 

Personal Nutrition 

Fuel your body the right way and power up for your next workout. We partner with nutrition experts at AdvoCare to offer custom meal plans and supplements that make eating well easy. 

Infrared Technology 

Heat technology designed to target and burn fat 10x faster. Our sessions will leave you feeling energized and stronger—plus, they won’t take precious time away from your busy schedule. 

Strategic Stretching 

Improve your body’s mobility and get stronger. Every session ends with a cool down to increase your flexibility, boost your blood circulation, and help prevent pain. 

Get Suited. Get Stronger. Get Going!

Electrical Muscle Stimulation:

See real results sooner. The EMS suit targets all muscles to deliver 150x more muscle contractions than a conventional workout, without weights or gym equipment. 

Get more out of your workout. Our Vibration Plate machine delivers vertical vibrations that relieve joint pain, activate muscle reflexes, and improve balance and coordination. 

Vibration Plates